Capture Pilot

"Hells Canyon Helicopters’s wildlife capture pilot is Captain Blake R. Malo. Blake has been flying rotorcraft for over 17 years and has thousands of safe flying hours. In the last six years, Blake has become almost universally considered the lead flyer in the wildlife capture arena. He is wildly demanded among" many biologists, veterinarians, state and government agencies. Blake has captured in excess of 6,000 documented animals for government entities. Blake has vast experience with nearly every North American and Canadian big game species. From animals such as Musk Oxen and Wolves, to Moose, Deer, Bighorn Sheep, and Mountain Goats, he has successfully captured them all. The welfare of the wildlife and safety of the crews are Blake’s highest concern. His never-ending work ethic and expert flying techniques make Blake unparalleled in the industry. Not only is Blake in his prime years as a capture pilot, but also he has a true passion for wildlife. Blake’s capture experience spans the entire country. Blake has captured from high altitude Rocky Mountains in Colorado and Utah, to the frigid cold, temperatures in Minnesota and the entirely remote wilderness of Alaska. While not only carrying a 100% safety record in his 17 plus years of flying, he has a long proven track record of successful capture projects completed. Blake is well known for the highest production rates in the industry, lowest mortality rates and his easygoing disposition to work with. As Hells Canyon Helicopters’s Chief Pilot, you can be assured Blake has everything it takes to make your project a success.

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