Capture Crew

""Hells Canyon Helicopters’s gunners/muggers and animal handlers are the most experienced in the capture industry. Our gunners are highly proficient in net gunning and darting (chemical immobilization) with schedule 2 drugs. All Hells Canyon Helicopters personnel, including the pilot, are biologist trained in aging, weighing, monitoring temperature, blood sampling, body score conditions, obtaining biological samples, measurements, phlebotomy, and fitting of collars and transmitters. Our crew is educated in administering drugs intravenously. The calm manner and patience with each and every animal is what sets our crew aside from any other capture crew. With our crew having knowledge as being hunters and pilots themselves, they know how to keep the big picture running smooth but most importantly, safe. With loads of experience under our belts as a team, we know what it takes to make a project successful. We provide resume’s for all our crews proving their thousands of animals caught, handled and sampled.

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